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Dust storm triggers ocean bloom
Explosive volcano highlights eruption risk
Tiny moon feeds Saturn's big ring
Study confirms 'pill' affects mate choice
Parasite protein linked to cancer
NASA prepares 'head-on' moon mission
Experts examine Pacific earthquake link
Retrovirus found in chronic fatigue sufferers
Oxygen treatment key to swine flu survival
Chinese dyslexia complicated: study
Kashmir glacier melting 'alarming'
Review of mobile studies gets mixed signal
Wireless inventors given top honour
Researchers map human epigenome
Planets form out of 'dirty' stars
Solar system surrounded by bright ribbon
Salt and paper make disposable batteries
Mice provide clues to how cancer spreads
Fizzy drinks leave sour taste in the mouth
Genes reveal cows' evolutionary moovement
Relaxation boosts IVF success rate
Star gazers spy 32 new exoplanets
Marine rubbish on the rise: report
Mobile phone users 'inattentionally blind'
  Dust storm triggers ocean bloom
The red dust storm that dumped thousands of tonnes of soil across eastern Australia two weeks ago has caused an explosion in microscopic life in Sydney Harbour and beyond.
  Explosive volcano highlights eruption risk
The violent eruption of a Patagonian volcano last year has shown the high speed with which magma can burst through the earth's crust, according to a European study.
  Tiny moon feeds Saturn's big ring
Astronomers have discovered a new mega-ring around Saturn and believe its genesis is a small, distant moon of the ringed giant.
  Study confirms 'pill' affects mate choice
A scientific review has confirmed that the contraceptive pill can influence a woman's partner choice.
  Parasite protein linked to cancer
A protein secreted by liver fluke has been directly linked to the development of one of the worst forms of liver cancer, say Australian researchers.
  NASA prepares 'head-on' moon mission
NASA is preparing a violent return to the Moon as part of a mission to send a satellite and a rocket booster crashing into the lunar surface to look for water.
  Experts examine Pacific earthquake link
A recent cluster of large earthquakes in the South Pacific has some wondering if one quake triggers another.
  Retrovirus found in chronic fatigue sufferers
A virus linked to prostate cancer also appears to play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome, according to US research.
  Oxygen treatment key to swine flu survival
Swine flu deaths in Australia could have doubled without the use of a mechanical heart and lung treatment, says doctor.
  Chinese dyslexia complicated: study
Dyslexia among English-speaking and Chinese-speaking people may be the result of different patterns of brain disorder, according to new research.
  Kashmir glacier melting 'alarming'
Indian Kashmir's biggest glacier is melting faster than other Himalayas glaciers, threatening the water supply of tens of thousands of people, a new report warns.
Volcanoes to split Africa: scientists
Low cholesterol may be 'a sign' of cancer
'Genomic zoo' to unlock vertebrate secrets
Astronomers see 'skeleton' of the universe
Great whites hang out in 'shark cafe'
Horse genome joins sequencing stable
Mysterious supernova in a class of its own
Nanoparticles damage DNA remotely: study
Hidden fibres capture solar power
Researchers restore rabbit's manhood
Antarctic ice loss offsets warming: study
Study to examine animals with human genes
Bubbles shed light on exploding volcanoes
Saturn probe samples moon's ice plumes
New species of dinosaur discovered
Bio-elastic promises smoother rebound
Lithium provides clue to planet presence
Nano-nickel makes cheap self-cleaning surface
Mass arsenic poisoning mystery solved
Five genes linked to Parkinson's disease
Marsupial soaks up sun like a lizard
Brain power: 'size isn't everything'
Atlantis takes off to supply space station
GFC does little to stem global emissions
Study finds secret to retirees' happiness
Genes reveal grey nurse sharks at risk
Not just fast food: mummies had heart disease
Scientists decode corn genome
Male redbacks' risky foreplay ritual
City birds change their tune
NASA readies for rocket test flight
Physicists detect elusive 'magnetricity'
Chytrid fungus slows frog's heart beat
Biofuels 'worse than petrol' for climate
Shrimp eyes tuned to polarised light
Palms once grew in ice-free Arctic
Enzyme blocker may reverse nerve damage
Households could cut emissions sharply
Phantom limbs make impossible moves
Being boss takes its toll on health
'Father of Wi-Fi' awarded PM science prize
Astronomers spot most faraway object
Ares rocket passes first hurdle
Scientists create egg, sperm precursor
Cluttered home? Blame your genes
Playgroup makes some mums feel guilty
Multiyear Arctic ice 'effectively gone'
Divers probe submerged Mayan ruins
Mars gullies flow with Martian mud
'Scar eating' enzyme aids spine repair
Bleached coral turns big fish into bullies
Female crabs 'exchange sex for protection'